Monday, May 2, 2016

Never Too Late

People always say it's never too late.  For example, when someone in the mid fifties decides that they've always wanted to open a bake shop, people will happily say, "Oh, Jan, It's never too late!"  And that's true, Jan could totally go take out a loan, find the perfect little store, bake some baked goods and start a new career in her mid fifties, it may be tough but it's not too late. But, as much as good things can start late, bad things can start later too.
Summer 2015

Growing up, I didn't really have many medical issues, I did have asthma, but it was barely anything to worry about and I did have some mystery hives every now and then, that to this day still haunt me in my adulthood sometimes. Regardless, I was a pretty healthy child who didn't see myself getting into too much.   Lone and behold, a diagnosis with type 1 diabetes, that completely changed my life in more ways than I can count.  It wasn't too late for diabetes to strike me at age eighteen, I wasn't in the clear once I became an 'adult' of a disease that often haunts the lives of many, many children.

But, my diabetes diagnosis isn't what made me think that "it's never too late" is actually a terrifying expression.  It is incredibly easy to get cozy in our lives.  Feel like everything is slowly coming together (another common phrase) We may have a decent chunk of money in our bank accounts, a great partner or a wonderful social group for weekend plans, but the reality is that time is precious (and another phrase) and it's never too late for things to turn.

This really isn't the most cheery of posts on a Monday, but it really has made me think about how one should approach life.  I know as I get older, more and more things become evident. I realize that people don't live forever, and dogs do not either. I have realized that relationships come to ends, and sometimes someone you've talked to endless, no longer can care.  I have learned that looking 'cool' is way less cool than feeling comfortable and warm. And the biggest thing that is evident is that the days are quick, and if we aren't present for those days, what a waste.

Just because I have diabetes, doesn't make me invincible to other things. I think of my friend C, who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, while still trying to navigate type 1 diabetes.  It's never too late to get these things, there are no exceptions to people. While this is a scary thought, we have to look at both sides, back to Jan and her bake shop.  It is NEVER TOO LATE to start, begin, try, do something that you love.  It is never too late to embrace yourself and what you've accomplished and really, really enjoy every single day, because we just do not know what the future holds.


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