Saturday, May 21, 2016

DBW: My Day In Food

I actually always track my food, well at least I have been since December.  It's not some strange obsessive thing, but it is more to keep myself accountable for what I eat and how much I am eating.  I have always struggled with weight, nothing extreme, but just chasing that 'ideal' self for as long as I understood what my 'ideal' self was.

Here is a page out of the wonderful food journal, which is an old notebook from IDF Melbourne I got.

The book I am using to track my food.
May 9th 2015 

Breakfast: All Bran [2 cups]
                  Skim Milk [1/2 cup]
                  1 Banana

Snack: Popcorn [2 cups]

Lunch:  Grain Bread [2 slices]
              Black Forest Ham slices
              Greek Yogurt

Snack: Granola Bar
             Baby Bell Cheese

Dinner:  Quinoa Chicken Fingers [3]
                Beets [1 cup]
                Apple Sauce [1/2 cup]

I often try to stick to 1200 calories and under and frankly, lately I have been a bit more off because I have had so many lows, but dealing with diabetes and food can be difficult. It is hard to find balance between eating healthy, not being obsessed, and making sure that you are also giving yourself a break.


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