Thursday, May 19, 2016

DBW: The Healthcare Experience

Healthcare in Canada is a bit different versus the United States for example. It also varies province to province in Canada, so I will specifically speak to where I am from, Ontario, Canada.

In Ontario, those living with type 1 diabetes can be eligible for an insulin pump + supplies which are fully funded by the government.  Depending on what pump you choose, you may have to fork some money out of pocket for extra costs, but regardless, you have the funds of $200.00 a month to buy your supplies.  We have four different pumps available in Canada, Medtronic, Animas, Omnipod and Accuchek. This program is called Assistive Device Program (ADP) I am on this program, so my insulin pump, and supplies are fully covered by the Ontario Government as long as I meet all the requirements at my appointments, things such as checking blood sugar 4x a day etc.

What I do not have coverage for is insulin and test strips. This is because I do not have a job with benefits [I am self employed] so, those expenses are out of pocket for me. Thankfully, insulin is relatively affordable approximately $36.00 a vial [which from talking to my American friends, this is much cheaper] the tests strips vary but are usually just under $1.00 a piece.  There are programs out there to help with the cost of insulin and strips for those that need the help.

Overall, I am thankful for the care that I receive in Ontario.  I have attended two Young Leaders in Diabetes programs and have talked to many people who live in countries that do not have access to insulin. It has given me a much bigger appreciation for access.  Yes, it's $40 out of my pocket every two weeks or so, but I cannot imagine not having the option to purchase insulin.

My healthcare team in my city is great. My nurse also has type 1, so that makes my appointments less stressful than when I had a non-type 1 nurse. I have had my fair share of diabetes clinic experiences. I feel that where I am at now is a great guiding experiences and I am very thankful for them.


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