Friday, May 20, 2016

DBW: Tips and Tricks

Living with diabetes for over seven years now, I have found some ways to easily navigate my life and diabetes without totally having a mental breakdown. Working full time, having a decent social life and living with diabetes is a lot of work.  If we spend too much time focusing on our diabetes we may miss out on a lot, so having tips and tricks to make life easier is always great.

Diabetes comes with a lot of STUFF. I literally two clear plastic drawer stands that are filled with diabetes supplies.  I keep these in my closet and it keeps everything organized and together.  This makes site changes a lot easier because I know where everything is and how to access it. Also, if anyone else needs to get something for me, it's pretty laid out as to where everything is.

I will admit, I do not measure my food. It takes up a lot of time and I am very much a 'right now' type of person.  However, for things that I eat often, I use the same bowls/cups so that I know where to fill it.  This is super easy, because most people have a full dinnerware set with all the same bowls, plates etc. So once you measure your cereal once, and know where in the bowl it lines up to, then you know approximately the serving size.   This obviously isn't as accurate as actually measuring out your food, but it's just something that has made my meal times a bit less annoying.

I recently wrote about travel and diabetes. In the post I mention a couple tips and tricks for traveling and diabetes such as I always keep my diabetes bag packed.  It has everything in it I need (minus insulin) and I just restock it once I return from a trip. I always pack double, perhaps triple the amount that I need. This travel bag keeps it all together and one less thing to worry about when packing my other things. 

Overall I wouldn't say I have discovered anything miraculous, but I do think that individually we find life hacks that make dealing with diabetes easier. Some work for others while others are a complete fail. We are all different, living different lifestyles and how great is it when we find something that works perfectly for us while making life that much easier! 


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