Thursday, May 12, 2016


my journal that I keep in my nightstand...
with a million lip balms
Ever since I was young I loved writing. Any kind of creative writing was my thing.  I wrote pages and pages of fiction and dreamed [and still dream] of publishing my own books that mark the shelves of a local book store.  When I wasn't writing the stories of imaginary made up characters, I was journaling, or at a young age, it's more about dishing the gossip in the form of a diary. This was a therapeutic way of getting through those rough awkward years of elementary school when everything seems awful, exciting and unfair.

Now that I am older and have less gossip or at least less direct gossip,  I have found other ways to express my love for journaling and put it to better use instead of rating the top ten boys in my grade seven class. Of course, I have this very blog. It has been such a great outlet for me and while it's mainly diabetes, there are components of the rest of my life scattered throughout.

The other thing that I absolutely love is hand-written journal [I know, old school] called Q&A a day. This is a three year journal that asks you a question each day. You go through the book three times [three years] and you get to reflect back on your past answers. Some answers end up being exactly the same while others are way off.  This journal is something I have full on stuck to! I am 1.5 years in, and I absolutely love reading my past answers and realizing sometimes how much can change in one full year.  For anyone that loves to journal, I highly suggest it, and for anyone who likes the idea of journaling but doesn't have much time commitment to do so, I suggest it as well. It's only 1 question a day and you can write as much or as little as you want!

To me, expressing my feelings via writing is really helpful. I know everyone is different, but there is something about the creation of a paragraph, phrase, quote, story, that really makes me happy.


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