Monday, May 16, 2016

DBW: Message Monday

After I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2009, I started writing 'notes' on Facebook. A feature that I am not sure Facebook even offers anymore. Regardless, I wrote these notes as a way to communicate with my friends and family what I had been going though the past little while.  I was learning just as much as they were, and I needed a place to put it.   I realized that people were responding well to my notes and the journey that I had unwillingly entered. I was told that I should turn my notes into a blog and it was by far one of the best advice I have ever been given.

October 13th - Brantford Expositor

The blog to me is my diabetic therapy, it gives me a place to put down my experiences and raw
emotions and in return get the feedback or comfort I need.  Sometimes it isn't about the audience, and really just a place to clear my head. Regardless, I knew that having started a blog more than seven years ago has taught me a lot about who I am and has also given me a very real timeline of how I have handled diabetes up until now.

Today is about the message, what message do I want send out? What do I want to accomplish with the blog?   I want to give those living with diabetes peace of mind. There is way too much worry in this world.  We worry about our health, our safety and our finances and we worry about our children, our parents and our country.  But, what pulls us out of that worry is sharing, talking, and really connecting with those around us.  Community is huge and to be apart of such an amazing community, the diabetes online community, has helped me deal with my worry in so many ways.  

I also feel that in the diabetes blogging community we play a huge role in education.  We may not be qualified dieticians or endocrinologists, but we are living with diabetes 24/7.  Having a blog gives us an opportunity to open the window inside the life of diabetes and show people who may not live with diabetes, what life is like.   Having a diabetes blog to me, allows me to share apart of my life that many people do not see or realize.  


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