Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DBW: Language and Diabetes

Tester, Poker, & Strips
I have always called myself a diabetic.  There are times when I have said person with diabetes, but not about myself, usually in situations where I know the person I am with prefers that term. I understand why people do not like calling themselves 'diabetics' but at the same time, to me, I am diabetic. I am also a girl, and a Canadian and a sister and a daughter.  These are all tags that are associated with me. Does it mean that I am ALL Canadian that's it eh? No. But, everyone has their preferences, and I get for professional reasons, 'a person with diabetes' is probably the most PC way to go about addressing someone living with diabetes.

There is a ton of lingo that those living or caring for someone with diabetes use. It even variates in the diabetes community. For instance when I need to take insulin for my food, I say 'bolus'  example, "I need to bolus for that ice cream!" But, that's pump talk, most people who are on injections wouldn't likely say 'bolus.'  For other things such as when I check my blood sugar, I use the word 'check' versus 'test' although I think sometimes I switch it up.  

I call my meter my 'meter,' or 'tester' the lancet, a poker and the test strips,' test strips'  If I am low, I say that I am 'treating a low' and if I need something when I am low, I say, 'I need sugar!' 

There are things I am sure I say that the average public has no idea what I am talking about, but that's part of the inclusive diabetes club, we come with a whole slew of different words and variations and while we may not all agree on some, at least we usually know what one another are talking about.


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