Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Am Strong Enough

I have been neglecting the blog.  I admit it.  Without a doubt in a short span of time my life has flipped upside down and twisted into a thousand knots; however, as much as we all hate working through our knotted up necklaces, sorting to find the end of the chain, these life knots are not something I am allowing myself to hate & that is something I have just decided now.

I have been thrown curve balls in my life, more so starting when I was in high school; or at least that is when I began to realize that life isn't about having the pool so the kids at school will want to come over. It isn't about being someone else, so that you can be liked, loved and called 'pretty'. Life is so much more than shopping at forever21 and getting good deals, or knowing whose dating who. It's so much more and that seems so obvious, but how easy it is to just lose your self in something so simple.

In these recent weeks I have felt myself breath new air. The strangest feeling in the world to feel as though the strings that were never actually there have gone. I still ask myself what it that was making me feel that way and how did I not recognize that feeling before. What is this new feeling and how can I make use of it? What will it push me to do? Where will it take me?

This blog has always been an outlet for me. I have guided myself through the past five years with type 1 diabetes managing to live a life that I would say is more than I had imagined for myself. I never thought I would have climbed the tallest mountain in Africa, nor travel to Australia. But the most surprising thing that I have accomplished is growing into my shoes and being able to say, 'I AM STRONG ENOUGH." I have surprised myself, and I hope that never goes away.



  1. Are you graduating this summer ?


    1. Hi Marina,

      Yes, I graduate in a couple weeks.