Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Next Day

I've learned a few things these past couple weeks:

1. The sun always rises the next day

2. It's another day

3. The world has a funny way of making things work out

While the first two seem similar - they're not because what I have started to realize is that at night, when there is no light shining in, it truly changes our mood. At least, it truly can change my mind.  Night to me, is a time of relaxation and an excuse to NOT do anything. In turn, that means sobbing or feeling 'alone' because unless I am texting my friends, I have no one asking about how my day went.  However, with patience and knowing that each moment is vital for ME to relax and ME to enjoy, I know that before I know it, I will be opening my eyes to light pouring into my window.

Recently I read a book called, "Carry on, Warrior," by Glennon Melton. I will probably be talking about it for awhile since I learned from vital lessons from it.  However, Melton compares the sun to 'God's Love'  Now, just a antidote:  I have never been to church other than a couple first communions and I did photography from a baptism a couple years ago.  However, I have always been open to the idea of 'God' as some have may noticed my subtle hints that there is one, I don't know who she/he is, I just feel like there has to be something... so I accept all Melton's ideas of who she believes God is, and with that decide if I believe that same. I think that's an acceptable way of going about it - so stick with me. Anyways, she states that

"the sun shows up every morning, no matter how bad you've been the night before." 

This can be interpreted anyway it best fits you. I wouldn't say that I've done very many bad things in  my life that I was ever worried about not seeing tomorrow or being punished by some altering force. However, I think now that it is so important to do the best with the day we have ahead of us, and mould it and work with it, and play with it and enjoy it or just get through it because in the end the sun will shine or at least light will come (we live in Canada after all, where the weather is iffy...) and we can start anew and work through that day because each day the light reminds us that we are given another chance. 

I shall continue talking about the other two lessons as the week goes on.


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