Monday, May 26, 2014

Surround Yourself With Love

I've always been the person with more close friends; rather than a large group of not-close friends. I had the friend I could call up after a major life moment, which was the same friend I would call up to go to the mall.  I would say that, I am a pretty good friend and more than ever I am realizing the importance of friendship and the concept of surrounding yourself with love.

After I was diagnosed with t1 diabetes, I truly realized who my friends were. Not based on how many people brought me flowers or sympathy but by how much time they took to truly reach out, learn and grow with me as I began my journey as a diabetic. I have a really good friend who was by my side before my diagnosis and after and I like to think of her as an honouree diabetic. And if you know my myself or my blog well, that's Michelle. 

Andrea & I 
Of course not every friend we meet is one from childhood or even high-school. As life goes on we make new friends and we find these friends in the most interesting ways; whether that is in post secondary or work or even from the gym.  These people that come into our lives,  are going to either accept you for who you are or move on. Friendship isn't something that you can just let go and see what happens, it does take work and it does take love. 

When I needed my friends (and my family) those that wanted to accept me offered me support, a warm meal, a safe place to cry, a drink.   I began to realize that the fact that I can pick up my phone and text someone to come, and someone comes is a sign that I am beginning to surround myself with love and that feels good. 

I'd like to say that my friendship circle has truly been growing. I am working on making the friendships around me strong and making sure that when they need me I am equally as open, able and willing to surround them with love.  Sometimes it is more about just showing up than saying the right words or bringing the right comfort food. Because showing up shows love and that's all we need.



  1. i noticed a pic of you where it looks like you have a bit of vitaligo on your chest. no big deal or anything just something to watch out for with type 1

    1. Hey! I think I know what picture you're talking about and it is actually peeling from a sun burn! Thank you for the concern though!