Friday, May 23, 2014

Another Day

Like promised, I will continue explaining the few things that I have learned throughout the past couple weeks.

I have spent a lot of time gathering my thoughts, visiting the library, going for walks out in nature not on the sidewalks of Oxford St. and talking at night.  Yes, super weird. Just talking to myself or God or whoever is listening, possibly my neighbours, after all there is only a wall separating us.

Either way, I cannot believe by the time I lay down in bed at night, finish reading my book(s), finishing checking Instagram and finish iMessaging Mel or whoever happens to be messaging me at 11 p.m that the day is over and sometimes I think or SAY to myself, "You made it!"  and not because each day is like walking through mud, but because each day brings new things to deal with, new emotions and inner and outer battles (Canadian Geese can be pesky!)

Like mentioned, the sun will come up every single morning no matter what you did the day before. No matter how hard you failed, it's coming up and giving you another chance. The bonus is that it is a completely different day.  What you did yesterday may have some consequences leading to your tomorrow, but you totally have the upper hand on dealing with it, and guess what if your tomorrow leads you into a weird place, try again the next day.  Like sun will shine every day regardless, the fact that it is a completely different day.

I have learned that, that each day I can make it through, being awesome but sometimes falling every now and then and when the sun goes down I take those moments to reflect and talk and by the time the sun rises again, I truly see that it is a completely different day and I have the power to work with the hours I have.


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