Thursday, May 29, 2014

Making the Most

Making the most out of each day can seem like an exhausting feat.  As soon as your alarm goes off the first thought is probably, 'snooze' or 'ugh, do I have to get up?' It's so nice to stay in a warm bed, dark room and not think about the chores of the day.  That's why I've decided not to get blinds... just let that sun pour in. Yes, for a quick instant in the morning I regret it and wish that it was dark in my room, however, the sunlight gets me up, gives me energy and gets me moving, or at least upright.

I can't remember who I was talking to or who said this, but someone stated that 'diabetes is like a 24/7 type of thing eh!' All the diabetics are likely shaking their heads up and down along with their parents/caregivers.  It totally is such a tiring disease that takes up so much thought even when you don't realize you're thinking about it. There isn't a day that goes by that I haven't thought about my diabetes. Maybe there are times I neglect it, i.e not checking before I eat or 'guesstimating' however, there isn't a day that I wake up, go about my day, crawl back into bed and not have been affected by diabetes in some shape, way or form.

Spent time visiting my Grandparents yesterday.
 Also started my genealogy project with them. 
So, in going back to the earlier message, making the most out of the day for anyone can be exhausting, but making the most out of the day for a diabetic can be a challenge because it is easy to get frustrated with diabetes or people around you (because of diabetes) and to wake up smiling, embracing the sunshine creeping in your window at 6:30 can be daunting.  Especially if your insulin pump is vibrating to be refilled (clearly my situation right now.)

Yesterday I went for another doctor's appointment, this time with my family doctor to get the whole thyroid situation figured out. She commented that if she were to pick any disease to have (as if that would be a thing...) she would pick thyroid, simply because it is one of the easiest to treat.  At first I was like, that's funny, but then I was thinking, "man, you're saying that to a diabetic, who has to think about diabetes all the let's not talk about picking diseases when I already am collecting them."

HOWEVER! I have come to realize that even when situations seem tough from being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes to something like waking up and crawling out of a comfy warm bed. We truly do need to make the most of the day we have ahead of us. Even if we think it's unfair, we're tired, or we're annoyed. We need to accept the things that we cannot change and embrace the opportunities and experiences around us.  We all have preoccupations that surge through our minds daily, but that doesn't have to limit us to having a good day.


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