Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Get Out Of Bed!

The first step to a good day is getting out of bed. Which can be hard, we all know that. Tucked in to warm comfy sheets, a soft pillow finely moulded around your head...and dread of what the day might bring.  When we're in bed we don't have to clean anything, count carbs, pick up groceries, communicate, we just just simply lay there. But, the more I began to think about what lying in bed really meant, this morning while I was well, lying in bed - is that although sleep is wonderful, when we spend too much time just lying there and time is passing by, we are missing out on new thoughts and emotions - we're closing ourselves off from the rest of the world, yet allowing ourselves to be jailed with the same sometimes painful thoughts or maybe happy ones, but I can guarantee they aren't new thoughts.

You're probably wondering why I am focusing on being in bed.  I actually haven't been wallowing my days away in my bed, today in fact was probably the latest I have stayed in bed and I think that is because the sun didn't come shining in at 7 a.m.  The easy way of going about life is to not get out of bed and I'm not an 'easy way out' type of person, as much as I want to be sometimes.  Instead, I am getting out of bed, MAKING my bed, so there will be no temptations. I am carrying on because that is what life is about, carrying on.

When I was diagnosed with t1 diabetes at first I didn't have much of a doubt that I couldn't handle it. I got out of bed each morning, but mainly because I was on multiple daily injections which made sleeping in a hassle and a half.  I did life the way that I wanted and even more. More recently I admit that that term 'burn out' people talk about, hits me every now and then and knowing that I have to think about diabetes for the entire day irks me.

Diabetes has taught me a lot about the 'getting out of bed term' because diabetes forces you to get out.   It's a big sign that beams at you, 'YOU'VE GOT Sh*&T TO DO! GET UP!" and maybe we don't want to do these things and maybe we don't want to face the reality of where our life has come (but never ended up because we keep on moving...) and maybe, just maybe we aren't sure how strong we are today; but we will never know until we step out of that bed and look.

Like I said, I think it's incredibly important to allow new thoughts in and exhale old thoughts and I remember one of my professors once telling the class that if you're stuck on an idea of an essay, go somewhere you've never been before because each new space will bring you new thoughts and ideas. I love this, and will never forget this.

Getting out of bed is the first step of a good day.


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  1. This is so true. It's nice to know I am not alone when I want to hide in bed too.