Saturday, July 6, 2013

High B.S

It seems like I have been complaining a lot this month, but in reality, I shouldn't be because life isn't too bad. This summer seems like it is racing by with one barbecue after another, which I love since that means I get to spend time with friends and family almost every weekend - something that doesn't happen as much in other seasons. However, with these barbecues, high blood sugar has been a key issue this summer, which isn't my ideal state of mind nor body.

Yesterday I was having a troubling time trying to keep my blood sugar low, when I recall what I ate, oatmeal for breakfast, tuna on a bun for lunch, crackers and cheese for a snack before dinner, hot dog on a bun for dinner and an apple with peanut butter for bed time snack, I can't really recall what would have angered my blood sugar so much. I felt like I was chasing highs with insulin all day long, and nothing was stopping them from going 12 mmol/L to 16 mmol\L back down to 10 mmol\L and so on.

The night time was the worst, I had set my alarm for 7:30 a.m because I had my health psychology exam this morning. But I literally got up every hour to pee. It almost felt like I would get up, use my pump as a guiding light, pee, head back into bed, then have to get back up in a matter of seconds. Of course when I was actually checking the time on my pump it was an hour to two hour time span, but still.

I woke up at 7:30 a.m with a blood sugar of 16.1 mmol/L which is extremely high for me to be waking up at, normally I am almost verging on low when I wake up.   My mouth felt dry, I was incredibly thirsty and once again I woke up feeling like I was going to pee my pants.  The joys of high blood sugar.   After making oatmeal and grabbing a banana to have for breakfast, I ripped out my site before bolusing, on purpose.    I was tired of being high and I had spent the previous day trying to compensate for what I felt like was undeserved high blood sugars.

Upon ripping out my site, putting a new one then bolusing for my breakfast, I prayed that before my exam I would be within a normal range.  I didn't check before I headed in because I have this amazing ability to act my blood sugar even if I previously was that number, but just didn't know.  I am currently sitting at a 19.0 mmol/L blood sugar which doesn't make sense once again, which is leading me to believe that maybe it is the insulin.

I am prepared to do one more big bolus, and see what happens.  If by lunch (in about an hour) it is still high, I guess I will have to throw away the reservoir of insulin and begin again.  It can be so frustrating when high blood sugars are constant, and don't seem to be caused by your lack of bolusing or food choices.  So we will see how this afternoon plays out. Hopefully I am back on track before lunch.


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  1. Being a woman is probably more difficult when you are a diabetic. Stress can make a diabetics blood sugar go either high or low. I don't care what the experts say, but it can go either high or low, mine does. When you're dealing with your "monthly" friend, that can also cause your sugars to do wacky things. I never had that problem when I was younger. Now I'm having to deal with menopause and let me tell you Kayla, it stinks. None of my doctors have ever heard of anyone like me.

    I take 3-4 injections of N and R humulin insulin a day, except for "certain" times a month. AND this time changes. I never know when it's going to happen. My pre-supper and bedtime insulin requirements stay the same until the hormones decide to go wacky. Then, I'll have an insulin reaction (hypo/low blood sugar) in the middle of the night. Now when it happens two nights in a row, we know it's the problem time of the month, because when I'm sick or stressed more than usual, my blood sugars can drop or raise during the night-time. So I now have to cut out my 3-4 units of long lasting insulin at bedtime. That may or may not be okay for a few days, again I never know. It may only be one day, and then I'll need to have my bedtime insulin because my fasting are on the high side.

    When another late nigh-time insulin reaction happens, I know I have to cut back my pre-supper insulin. I go from 18 units of the long lasting insulin to 3-4. This will last up to 2 weeks. Then my fasting blood sugars will start to raise so I have to start raising my insulin. I can't immediately go back to my normal levels because that can cause more night-time insulin reactions.

    I can be thirsty when I'm high or low. I never know what I am when I'm excessively thirsty, so I have to check. Most of the time, it's low. But there have been a few times when I'm high 350mg/dl (19.4mmol/L)