Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Little Help

Awhile back I attended a seminar by Sugar Free Shawn. I wrote about it a couple times because it was one of those talks that you take home a piece of it and never let it go.  I was thinking about something he said, something I actually wrote down, 'Someone who breathes life into your life.' This was in regards to placing positive people in your life that aren't bringing you down, aren't being negative, aren't creating a dead end in your life.
Along my life path I have ran into those who aren't breathing life into my life.  I feel as though there are moments that I can be negative or doubt myself or someone else.  I try to be conscious about times that I am doing that because I realize how negative people appear on the outside as well as the atmosphere they create.  I don't want to think that I am full of rainbows and butterflies all the time because I am not, but I know that through the past four years of my diagnosis I have really tried hard to focus on the positive aspects of life.

This past while with raising some funds for gear for Kilimanjaro as well as speaking with friends and family about my fears regarding the climb - I have realized that I have created a space of positive people around me. Of course the odd time I am going to have a doubter, a non believer what have you, but for the most part the people that I surround myself with the most are very much so breathing life into my life. They're encouraging, excited and make me feel relaxed and confident. 

Diabetes takes a lot of emotional beatings on you. It is hard to relax and stay calm when your body is doing the opposite.  There is so much to do with diabetes, it is constantly wanting your attention and every task comes with a blood sugar check or a needle. It makes so much sense why Sugar Free Shawn wants everyone to have people in their lives that are so positive and uplifting, because it is impossible for one person to always be the breath of life, sometimes you need a little help. 


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