Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Diabetic's Best Friend

Going low can be quite the event especially when you're not in your own space. I spent this past weekend up at the Richardson's cottage with Michelle.  It was a nice little getaway, but of course diabetes always has to pack its bags and travel along with me. It is always the hardest managing diabetes when you're not home, of course. When we're at home we enjoy usually the same similar foods and activities.

My blood sugars were on the high side most of the time I was there, mainly because we were indulging and lounging in chairs outdoors and taking boat rides. I didn't really engage in to much physical activity besides a few walks and a mock exercise class I made Michelle do with me. But that is what the long weekend is all about, indulging and enjoying.  However, I some how managed to have an after midnight low blood sugar.

Michelle and I were sharing the pull out couch and were ready to go to sleep.  We had been chatting for a couple hours and I didn't feel any true low blood symptoms, just that voice in my head that was telling me to check.  I had left my meter in the room her brother was staying in, so I crawled out of bed, knocked on his door, opened it, getting my insulin pump stuck on the door of course, grabbed my purse and closed the door again.

I went and sat down beside the bed, Michelle sat up.  I told her to guess my blood sugar, since that seems to be a favourite game of mine to play.  I guessed 2.7 mmol/L and Michelle guessed, 3.1 mmol/L.  As we patiently waited for the countdown to see who was right, the number finally appeared, 3.1.     I couldn't believe that Michelle had guessed it so perfectly, she then asked what I wanted to eat.  I grabbed a bag of jujubes and sat in bed with Michelle to eat them.  We both treated ourselves to a low snack.

Of course, typical diabetic I am, I wanted peanut butter as well.  But don't worry I didn't start smearing the peanut butter on my jujubes, instead I grabbed an English muffin and smeared it with a nice, thick layer of peanut butter. Michelle kept asking if I needed help, but my low self, is much like a two year old toddler, I insisted I could do it myself.

So, there we were, a diabetic and her best friend sitting in bed after midnight enjoying a low snack together. We talked about other times I went low when I was with her, and how strange it was that I crave peanut butter so badly.  Soon after we fell back asleep.  In the morning, Michelle dad opened up the peanut butter, noticing the tin seal was still on and peanut butter was smeared around the edges.  He asked who made a mess of the peanut butter...I peeked my head out from the room and said, 'Sorry, that was my low self that demolished the peanut butter....'


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