Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Freaking Out

Tonight I spent a good chunk of time talking to others climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with me. We have all been chatting online trying to keep each other focused and organized with the climb.  We have been sharing tips and asking one another questions.  Overall, I think the group that we have climbing is a great group of individuals and will have a lot to offer one another along the way. However, I AM FREAKING OUT.

It's midnight now and I have been tossing and turning, trying to sleep, but finding myself back on Facebook or Instagram or checking email (because clearly people send emails at midnight.)  I can't seem to focus my mind on just falling asleep.  I feel as though this summer is speeding by and everything is due or needing to be done and I am falling behind.  This is to say with things related to school, my personal businesses and over all social life.

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Not to mention I am climbing that mountain, remember? So, back to the part about freaking out, after chatting with my fellow soon-to-be mountaineers, I have decided that I am crazy in the fact that I decided to do this, not crazy as in I regret my choice, but crazy as in what has diabetes made me do? Climb a mountain.   I am terrified in the sense that I feel prepared, but how do you prepare? I have heard both good and bad stories which is much like the case with diabetes.  'I have diabetes,' 'My uncle has diabetes...he is blind'  OR 'I have diabetes,' 'My cousin has diabetes, she is a pilot!' Yay.

I am worried because this is out of my comfort zone, but I am sure no one has a 5895 m mountain in their comfort zone.  I am excited because this is an opportunity of a life time. I am emotional about it because I cannot believe it is real and it is happening in 43 days. Beyond having to train for the next month and a bit, I have so many other things to accomplish before school begins two days after I return from Africa.

Who knew that diabetes was more than just sites, blood sugar checks and insulin, for me diabetes has become so much more.



  1. You'll do fine. Go kick that mountain's ass.

  2. You’re an inspiration Kayla. Next week will be 6 months since my diagnosis and your blog and meme page have helped me remain upbeat and positive during these first difficult months. You have motivated me to start running for the first time ever and I want to do everything I can to get fit and look after myself. As exciting and terrifying as your climb will be, as you say, it’s the opportunity of a life time and something you might have never had the opportunity or the determination to pursue if not for your diabetes. Wishing you the very best of luck. Rebecca.