Thursday, June 21, 2012

Work that Out

Working out with type 1 diabetes is probably the most annoying thing. It seems no matter how hard you try, you find yourself raiding the fridge as soon as you get home or later on in the evening.  I thought today that if I worked out right after work, just before dinner, I would be able to time it so, that by the time I got home I could have some dinner and prevent that low by taking less insulin for the meal, but of course, I could feel my legs going and my mind racing as I pulled into my parking lot. I knew I was already low.

Unfortunately when you're low - you're low. There really isn't time to do much or think about much. Your first reaction is a million reactions, a million ideas of what would be good to eat, the feeling that you could eat everything in the fridge - then it comes down to it, you have to choose something.  For me, I ran in the door, thinking about a million things, 'do I have time to make dinner?' 'I am so happy I have food in the fridge to eat!' 'ou, trail mix!'  'I want chocolate milk' 'Maybe I should try and make dinner instead...' 'I really should relax and not worry about making dinner until I feel better'  all of this going on at once, not to mention walking around the apartment not really doing anything productive.

I hate the fact that after a workout you drink or eat the calories you burned instantly.  I get that working out lowers blood sugar and that is awesome - but why is it that it just does it so QUICKLY!  Or if you're on the high side it goes even higher.   Even though working out is good for other aspects of my health i.e mental health - being diabetic and trying to loose weight or feel good - can be super difficult and make you feel a little counterproductive sometimes.



  1. Yeah. I still worry about my husband's blood sugar dropping after we go walking or anything strenuous. He already has issues with lows and I keep getting scared this will just make it worse. Lots of learning.

  2. Being diabetic, exercise is something we have to plan for just like almost everything else in our lives. Cutting back insulin before hand or having a small snack usually works for me based on what my blood sugars are leading up to the time I will be exercising. As long as you are thinking ahead and palning for the exercise time, it's not really a difficult thing to do as a diabetic.