Saturday, June 16, 2012

Diabetic Problems

The newest trend - or at least I think, is the twitter hash tag of #_____problems. Some are talking about issues concerning first world problems, others talking about 90's kid's problems and well, the diabetics are talking about diabetic problems.  For examples, those that are complaining about first world problems are making statements like, ' I have tons of music,  but nothing to listen to ' or ' I am so uncomfortably full - that I can't even take a nap '    Clearly these issues are made with humour, we are lucky that we have music in variety and lucky we have enough food to make us full.  This same humour is carried over to diabetics who are on twitter.

I thought of it myself one day, making a tweet that said, 'Back from Dominican, time to see good numbers on the meter ' hinting that the entire time I was on vacation, I didn't see a good number.   This trend is HILARIOUS, I have found many other type 1's laughing at themselves, making comments about their diabetic problems. I decided I was going to come up with my top ten list (yes, I love my lists!) of diabetic problems... average, daily, diabetic problems and I am not talking about the complications that those 'serious' people want to discuss, I am talking about the humorous ones!

1.  your tubing is too short to reach your back pocket for your pump

2. there is no good food in the house during a low blood sugar, so you attempt to 'create' something - usually involving peanut butter

3. you forget to bolus after or before a meal

4. your battery (or reservoir) runs out just as you're about to do something important

5.  after arriving home from the grocery store, you realize you forgot to buy diet coke

6. you prick your finger and blood comes out of various spots

7. you prick your finger and the blood sprays and makes the area look like a mini crime scene

8. you accept that your pump will have to live in your bra and accommodate for that

9. you have told your story of diagnosis 100x to strangers

10. you've been woken up at least one night of the week to pee or to have to eat a snack

What are some diabetic problems that humour you?



  1. Accidentally pricking my finger with my insulin pen!!!!

  2. I guess some diabetics would consider this a problem. I cannot and will not eat or drink anything with any artificial sweetener in it because they raise my blood sugars. I hate the horrible after-taste. And they give me headaches that will last a week.

  3. You prick your finger and blood doesn't come out... which leads to you keep pricking your finger and still no blood...

    Or... (my husband is diabetic, so these are what he'd say)... He's fast asleep on a hot Texas day and his wife comes in feels him ip and he's sweating and makes him get up and check his blood sugar, which is fine and he's just sweating because it's a hot freaking day in Texas

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