Sunday, June 3, 2012


I often question if blood sugar levels can heighten paranoia. Lately, I have found myself driving myself crazy, thinking every little noise is something (as I write this I googled 'paranoia and diabetes' and bitter sweet diabetes blog popped up! So, I don't feel crazy continuing to write this because either we are both crazy or diabetes is causing this!

I have always been a worrier and as much as I try to convince myself to think happy thoughts in scary times, I have a hard time.  I find myself walking around the apartment checking out every noise (now, that I think about it, I guess I am one of those dumb characters on movies where you shout at them, 'GET OUT!')  but, honestly that noise  I hear is the fridge or the sink or the dishwasher.

With current events getting closer and scarier than ever, it makes you wish you were a child again.  Not knowing what was going on beyond your own backyard - but then again was that just sheltered children like myself or all children. It truly scares me that damage that people can do out there and how traumatizing some people can make others' lives. Honestly, I do like to think that the majority of people out there are good people, but when you turn on the t.v it is hard to imagine such a world.

Now, back to diabetes - although my blood sugar has been normal every time I felt a little paranoid,  I am beginning to think this feeling is some what normal for anyone.  After all I am not completely standing still in life because I am afraid. I still go out at night, drive around etc. I just do it with caution, knowing that I am not in a little bubble anymore - or was I ever.

So, now that I have realized via google that other diabetics are feeling paranoid - I know that this topic has been pushed out there.  I am interested to find out more.


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