Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exploring Diabetes

Management of diabetes is pretty simple, insulin.  It makes sense that taking insulin lowers blood sugar, via syringe, pen or pump, and for those that aren't insulin dependent, then it makes sense that a pill like Metformin or diet and exercise can manage diabetes as well.  However, all diabetics are laughing at this post right now because the truth is is that insulin is awesome, but diabetes sucks therefore, insulin cannot always defeat diabetes in the way it hypothetically should. 

For me, I have been mindlessly giving insulin for the past 3 years - not thinking too much about specific carbs (as much as I should) or fitness or vitamins, or alternate medicines - I have just been going by the rules of diabetes - take insulin when you eat, which don't get me wrong is good and the correct thing to do. But, I think it is time to focus on some additional ways to tackle the big D. 

I am your typical work out for a week and give up kind of girl. I enjoy getting myself pumped up to work out then deciding I don't want to do it anymore. Today for the first time in awhile I went to the gym (I am going to give myself credit, I had been walking/running for the most part in May and start of June).   Strangely enough I didn't go to the gym to tone, lose weight and all that jazz; rather, I went to alter my mood.   All that read the last blog could probably tell it was one of those crying behind the screen moments, and frankly I was getting tired of just coming home after work and sitting with a book in my hand or the T.V on.  I decided the best way to change your mood is to get out and get active.

But, that little work out, wasn't only a mood pumper, but also helped with my blood sugars - which is obvious I know, but maybe that is something I need to really think about more.  Why don't I just naturally target my blood sugars... of course I am type 1 and need my insulin - but I can also lower my insulin dosages by doing some hard work myself.

Another thing I am looking at trying is coconut oil - after a suggestion from a reader. I think I will try this out, despite hardly ever trying natural type things before.  Saying that, I have started today taking vitamins after talking to the pharmacist about what good vitamins I should be taking. So, we will see how that all goes as well.

I guess at this moment, and it could pass - I have realized that I can take some more control with my diabetes. Not leaning on my insulin pump like a crutch, and just having it assist me without abusing it.  Trust me, it is so easy to abuse an insulin pump and I am starting to feel guilty along with trigger happy.  So, we will see how it goes, exploring diabetes a little more beyond pushing buttons.



  1. Bitter melon also helps lower blood sugar Kayla. I've been using it for about 2 years now and I've pleased with the results. My husband who was told to exercise because his fasting was nearing the high side, also uses cinnamon capsules.

  2. Hi Kayla,

    I've been following your blog for a little while now and have to say that I'm excited that you're trying out new things to help with your diabetes management. I've been a type 1 for 16 years had have found exercise to be a tremendous help. The key to making it work properly for me though is consistency and a good mix of cardio and weights. I have found that many type 1's seem to shy away from exercise because it can be quite difficult to find the right balance so I'm looking forward to hearing how things go for you. Well done for thinking out side the 'insulin' box!