Friday, June 8, 2012

I am not Diabetes

It isn't uncommon to instantly identify yourself in regards to diabetes. Of course, we are not all yelling out that we have type 1 diabetes, but I personally can safely say that diabetes has become a part of my identity. As much as I realize that I am not diabetes, diabetes is a disease that has come into my life, sometimes I find it hard to pull that away from myself.  

I feel like the majority of my life experiences (well those that I like to acknowledge) have come from having type 1 diabetes, all of the opportunities just would not have been there had I not been diagnosed. But, at the same time, had I not been diagnosed with diabetes, it is hard to say where I would be today and what other experiences I would have had.  I like to think that I can give some credit to my diagnosis for all that I have accomplished thus far.

I realize once again that I AM NOT DIABETES - there are many faces of diabetes, but no person is just a product of diabetes.  I do have other personality traits, qualities, experiences, stories etc. that have nothing to do with diabetes; however, I have found that the stories that I love to tell, the qualities, traits and experiences I feel good about are those that come from my diagnosis.

So yes, it is hard to pull myself from my disease which sounds strange - why would someone want to be so connected to something that sounds so brutal in nature. In my reality, I do want to pull myself back at times to remember that diabetes has its place just like all other aspects of my life.  But for now, as long as I am enjoying it, why not be Kayla Brown, the type 1 diabetic!  


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