Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sidekick

When I was little I wanted glasses, I thought it would be neat to have something like that, well if luck would have it, by grade 7 I was wearing glasses and to my surprise glasses were not all that fun as I dreamed when I was little.   It is funny that children think the littlest and strangest things are the best. I assume just like when a girl finds her favourite pair of shoes, the same excitement occurs with children finding worms in the garden. But, I am not really talking about worms or those little treasures kids find around the yard, I am thinking on a scale that most children would not normally think about, unless his/her sibling had type 1 diabetes.

Today, I met the cutest little girl. At first I hardly noticed, until I was pointed out her little insulin pump that clung to her waist in its very own case.  To my surprise, it wasn't your average pump - in fact, it was made of wood.   The little girl had her very own insulin pump, decorated with legitimate stickers for an insulin pump and in case you were wondering what she did for tubing and a site, unless you're under the age of seven you probably would never guess it, but she drew on the tubing and site with marker.

This made me smile, probably my biggest smile today.  Beside her was her sister, the real diabetic wearing the real pump.  She wears the pump to support her older sister, and I think that is the most beautiful thing I have come across in a long time.  Can you imagine having support like that? I hope we all do have support like that. Not that our boyfriends or girlfriends should be drawing sites with marker on their stomaches, but more so, having people around us that WOULD do that if we asked them too.

I learned something very special today, and that is that courage, support, love and inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, today it just happened to come in the shape of the cutest girl in the world.



  1. aww this made me cry, Kayla! What a beautiful and sweet little girl!

  2. That was a very touching gesture by that little girl. Just by making a replica of an insulin pump and wearing it like a real one, she showed deep concern and support for her diabetic sister. Through a simple, heartfelt act, she showed how much she cared for her sister. She is truly inspirational, Kayla! =)

  3. Absolutely wonderful! Really heartwarming post!