Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Years

This past weekend was a busy weekend spent with someone who has been one of
my biggest supporters, Clinton and I celebrated our two year anniversary in Niagara Falls with some Niagara Canuck players and their girlfriends.

There is no card that would be big enough for me to write just how much I appreciate Clinton. He met me non-diabetic and went through the entire process as I slowly turned into a diabetic - and now forever am a diabetic. He has seen my highs and lows (literally) and has never given up on me. In fact he pushes me to keep going.

He understands me and believes in me. He doesn't see my diabetes as a hassle and seems to know just exactly what my sugar is even when I don't. I couldn't have even designed a better person for me.

I enjoyed spending the weekend with Clinton and now that two years has gone by I look forward to every year that follows.

Thanks for being such a great supporter - I love you.


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