Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Bolusing!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This long weekend has been a great time to spend some time with family and friends. I love having the time to bake some good treats, laugh and shop! Yes, Bake, Laugh, Shop - my life's slogan.

This weekend is all about being thankful even though I am sure throughout the entire year we have been paying our thank-yous. I know that I try my hardest to let the people that I love the most know that I am so thankful for having them in my life.

My friends are absolutely amazing. Totally the best people in the world to have in my life. Sometimes we can feel incredibly alone and frustrated, but having that one person to call is such a great feeling. This year I want to thank two people in particular that have been outstanding friends - Michelle and Mitch. Thanks for being there for me!

I am thankful for my amazing Mom! She has always been there for me and some how knows exactly what's wrong. She sorts out my dilemmas and reassures me that I am making the right choices. I am so thankful to have a close relationship with my mom.

Of course I am thankful for all of my family. They all have played a special role in who I am today. They have taught me things that I otherwise would have never figured out. I am so thankful to have a close family.

I am thankful that I am lived a lucky life. Yes, I realize most people would say, you have diabetes, how lucky of a life is that. But I am so lucky that I was given a disease that opened my eyes to the entire world. That has taught me so much about myself. So, as crazy as it sounds, I am thankful that I am a healthy active diabetic!

I am thankful for my amazing boyfriend of two years. He has been such a great supporter of me. He has put up with my highs and lows (literally) and has never once complained. He inspires me and teaches me so much from his dedication to his family, hockey and me. I love you and I am so thankful for you, Clinton.

I am also thankful for being given so many opportunities in my life to travel, meet new people etc. I have been given so many experiences that I can barely wrap my mind around them all. I have seen a lot of what the world has to offer and know that I will only continue to see the rest of the world and learn so much.

I am so thankful.


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