Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finding Peace

It's really hard for most people to sit still. To relax and enjoy absolutely nothing. For me I am constantly looking for a new project to embark on and of course they pile up on one another and soon collapse leaving me wondering what to do next.

My family always tells me that I am only going to stress myself out more and complain when I say things like, "I am going to take Spanish lessons in the summer" or "I want to go do this event..." truthfully I do like to keep myself busy and when it comes down to it, being busy is kind of fun.

However, it's super important to relax and that is what I am trying to teach myself to do. Of course yoga (the two classes I've been to) has given me a chance to focus on being relaxed - yes when they ask us to focus on our goal of why we are there I simply say to relax.

I want to accomplish a lot in my life, but obviously it doesn't need to be done in 24 hours. Planning is part of my nature and it's super hard not to plan my weekend two weeks ahead of time, but I am trying very hard to distract myself from all of that and focus on now. I really do have interests that are relaxing like reading and scrapbooking - these are things I can do to relax myself, but most of all the hardest thing to do is to just sit there. Yes, just sit there and relax without television, without an iPod - with nothing but myself.

I did this today in the sauna. I closed my eyes and focused on relaxing and not doing one thing. Okay - so I can run for an hour, but nothing is as hard as just sitting there doing nothing. I wanted to get out and get on my way, but I forced myself to just sit there and it actually started to feel good. I forgot about everything else and began to focus on nothing.

Now maybe yoga class is getting to my head - I am not sure, but it's really important for me to document this experience. Not only am I learning from yoga, my novel I'm reading is just reassuring my philosophy.

I know there are a lot of people out there that want to do nothing,but don't have the time. I know that I am lucky to really have no expectations set upon myself, only those that I put on myself; however, I want everyone to try and find time for themselves to do nothing or at least do something they find relaxing. You will feel great and then you can go about your busy day doing anything and everything.


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