Saturday, October 9, 2010

Letter to Me

I was wondering what if I could have told myself - a year and a 8 months ago that soon your life was about to change. I'm sure if we were able to write a letter to ourselves before a time of change it may have been a little reassuring to our past selves to know that we got through it much easier than we thought. If I were to write a letter to me it would go something like this:

Dear Kayla, (Send back to March 13th 2009)

You're about to see change in yourself so rapid and genuine that you will wonder inside what is happening. The doctors told you that you are 'diabetic' and you don't exactly know what that means; yet, I know that you are prepared to understand - as if you knew somehow what it was like to be diabetic all along.

I know that you probably have a smile on your face even though you're sitting in a hospital being woken up for a needle every four hours. This smile will never fade, but I promise that sometimes it will be very hard to smile because this disease will sometimes get to you.

However, the pros way out the cons. You are not afraid as you once thought you were. You will prove to yourself that there is so much out there to experience and you're willing to do it. You will meet so many new friends that share this disease. People that will forever have an impact on your life.

Kayla, I know sometimes this disease is going to get in your head, knock you down and push you around. But, you will always be able to pick yourself back up again and figure it all out. Trust Me.


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  1. Welcome to the D life, it is a challenging but a rewarding life with many great people. My journey is 13 years in the making and I am still learning new lessons everyday.
    Nice to meet you Kayla hopefully I will see you around in the DOC
    Ronnie the poor diabetic.