Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life Saver

It is unlike me to lose things, but unfortunately I think I may have lost my clip to my pump. Thankfully I have a spare one here, but if not I could have ordered one. You see the problem with not having a clip usually occurs for sleep time. If I am sleeping and don't have a clip I am in for a night of waking up and adjusting.

I think I've been conditioned to move my pump accordingly when I sleep. When I roll over I automatically slide my pump over which is clipped to the front of my pajamas or side, or back wherever I have some how moved it in my sleep.

Sleeping with the pump is probably on my top 5 list of things I don't like about the pump. When people ask me what I don't like about it that is usually around number one. I think that when you get into looking into the pump the hospital and doctors insist that it is the best of the best, but may forget to tell you some downfalls about it.

Somethings that aren't so nice about having a pump is wearing it. Having it on you 24/7 is annoying (at least for me it is) and most of all it is annoying to wear in your bra and when you are wearing pants without pockets or dresses/skirts.

Another thing is having to change your site. Okay, so I know people are giving themselves 4 injections a day, but having to go through the process of changing my site is annoying. It doesn't actually take that long, but getting up the motivation to do it isn't always easy. How can you convince yourself knowing you are going to be giving yourself a pretty large needle (promise yourself a treat because after all you need to make sure you put the site in right!)

Like covered before sleeping with the pump can be a pain. I never once have worried about my site falling out; however, who wants their hip bones rubbing against their pump. Like I said, moving it around seems to be a habit and either way it has to be worn.

So, I sound as if this thing I wear 24/7 is the worst thing in the world and really it isn't at all. It is amazing technology and I am so lucky to have it. This information is just true information that isn't really mentioned. However, it's all manageable. We all come up with ways to work around what we have and we deal with it.

Either way I doubt I would turn back to needles - no matter how many negatives there are about having the pump there is one big positive - it's saving my life.


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