Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pass it On

I find that the best way to let people know about something is word of mouth. Just simply telling someone about something can really get the message across. Since day one I have been wanting to reach as many diabetics as possible. I know how it feels to feel completely alone in your disease. Even though I know so many diabetics - I am usually the only diabetic in the room.

I am usually the only one sitting over a meal thinking 40 plus 15 plus 10 is 65 carbs. I am usually the only one pulling out a device and giving myself insulin. I am usually the only one pricking my finger and drawing blood more than 4 times a day. I'm just that diabetic in the room that no one can really relate too.

So sharing my blog with people is really important to me. I know that when a diabetic comes along my blog they are probably nodding their head in agreement with everything that I am saying. So many diabetics share the same experiences and feelings.

So since it is so important to me that my blog is shared I am asking for one simple request. If you read this blog copy the link and pass it on to a friend. The friend doesn't have to be diabetic - you don't have to be diabetic, but once this is passed on - I bet a diabetic will get their hands on it.

I want every diabetic out there to know that there is something real being said about diabetes. Beyond the medical terms - there is real life stuff to read about diabetes.

Pass it on!


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