Sunday, July 4, 2010


I had one month to get used to diabetes before I left for my cruise in 2009. In the hospital just after being diagnosed I was very nervous about what it was going to be like to take a vacation with diabetes. Luckily on that trip my uncle - who is also insulin dependent was there to help me.

Once the cruise was done, I had the confidence that diabetes wasn't going to be a huge set back. Since that day I have went through many different obstacles that I have come out of proving to myself and others that diabetes is not excuse or reason to quit.

Soon I will be starting my insulin pump (most likely the week of the 12th of July) and I am assuming that starting a pump will be much like the first time I was diagnosed. There is lots to learn and to experience. Also I will be going away the end of August, so like before I will have about a month to get comfortable with my pump.

I know that it will be a very interesting experience being on an insulin pump, but I cannot wait!


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