Monday, July 19, 2010

Before Insulin

It really intrigues me to know what it was like living with diabetes before insulin. But in all honestly many people did not live with diabetes without insulin because they often died. I like to research this type of thing because even though diabetes was once fatal those people were living with the exact same disease that I have.

Before the 20th century type 1 diabetes was rare and when someone was diagnosed they almost instantly died. Before the 20th century diabetes was determined by a doctor tasting the patients urine. When now they detect it by blood work and urine samples, but do not have to taste a single thing. In a study, 86% of children under 16 died due to ketoacidosis (

If only insulin and care was provided for them to prevent so many deaths of young children living with type 1. However, I do recognize that in many parts of the world today in 2010 type 1's do not have access to insulin or care which can lead to a quick end of their life.

I am beyond lucky to live in Canada and live in a time where insulin is available. Not only is insulin available, but any product I need is there for me whenever I need it and as much as I want. Thankfully with health care I am not paying hundreds of dollars for my medication.

I am also lucky the the Canadian government pays for my insulin pump and supplies. I know that the choice to go on an insulin pump would have been a lot harder if I had to pay out of pocket for the pump (which is around $7000) and supplies (around $300 a month).

I definitely am a lucky girl.


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