Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Age of Technology

I pretty much grew up in the age of technology. At first for me, it was VHS then DVDs and now 3D Blue Ray. I know that technology was around before the 90's, but I also know that in the past twenty years technology has rapidly grown.

I have a GPS, iPhone, laptop and more and all of these things benefit me in different ways. But nothing can measure up to how much the technology of the insulin pump can benefit me. I can hardly explain how amazing it must have been when they first put insulin pumps on the market. Children who had been living with diabetes for years and years were now given a chance to ditch the four needles a day lifestyle.

If we have the technology to almost mimic the human pancreas - I am proud to say I own one. We all want the new cellphone on the market or the new 70 inch t.v, so why wouldn't we want new technology that can potentially add years to our lives.

I know several people that tried the pump, but hated it for various reasons. I know that they have had issues with the tubing, gaining weight or plain old didn't want to wear it at all. I know that no technology is perfect and eventually there will always be something better. I am just very excited that I am taking the opportunity to at least give it a try. After all, I am always willing to try out a new cell phone or iPod.


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