Monday, July 12, 2010

Along the Way

There are a lot of things that have happened in my life that I wish had not, however; there is no way without those obstacles would I be where I am today. I know every time something goes wrong that it is for a reason. I know people say that all the time and it's marked on key chains, coffee mugs and t-shirts, but I truly believe that without those ruffles in our past we wouldn't have all the successes we have today.

For me I have met a lot of amazing people along the way. I have built up a network of diabetics which is absolutely amazing to have. I really never had a chance to feel alone with diabetes because before I even came out of the hospital I had networked myself with Connected in Motion.

All of the diabetics that I have met have been extremely helpful to me. Without them at times I would have been completely lost. I know that while I am learning how to live with the pump they will be there for me.

I know that diabetes isn't the end of the world and I have never thought that, however; diabetes can be a big pain in the butt. I don't always want to check my sugar and at times giving myself a needle is almost enough to prevent me from eating that cookie.

I think that type 1 diabetes is very misunderstood, but what matters is that diabetics everywhere are connecting with one another. I know there are 300,000 living with type 1 and Canada and I almost feel like I know at least a quarter of them!

So even though diabetes was something that I would never ask for it truly has made me who I am today. Without diabetes I would have never accomplished as much as I can say today and I would never have met such a great amount of amazing people.


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