Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ready Set GO!

There is nothing like a good old challenge. I have definitely had my fair share of challenges this summer. It seems like my summer has been full of them! It now almost feels weird if I am not doing some type of activity or event. Doing absolutely nothing feels strange - when really sometimes that's what I need the most.

On Saturday July 17th Clinton and I filled our backpack with water, the GPS, note pads, and snacks to prepare for our Great Urban Race in Toronto. We knew that we had no idea where anything was in Toronto, but we were both up for the challenge.

It was a great day and although I am sure we came very close to the bottom - I know that the memories from that day will be something to talk about for the rest of our lives. Clinton even said a couple times, "Well next year we can . . ." which lead me to believe he is up for it again - which is always a good thing!

I absolutely love doing these events and they really give you an idea of how much fun life can be! I look at my life as a big scrapbook. The more events I have the more stories and pictures I have to fill the blank pages of tomorrow. I know that when I am a grandma - or great grandma I will have tons of crazy stories to tell!

I know that doing these type of events isn't everyone's thing. We all have different interests, but previous to my very first event (Mud Run 2009) I never would have known how fun it is to get involved and out there.

Just try it! You just might like it or better yet LOVE it!


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  1. Sounds fun! You should check out CitySolve Urban Race.