Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Big Question

There is just over a week left of my four needles a day. It's hard to believe that soon I won't be giving myself a needle before I eat. I know that I will still have to use needles every 2-3 days, but other than that I am pretty much needle-free.

I am going to actually miss it. I am very used to my needles - losing the pen is going to be a big difference. Half of me is looking forward to the pump while the other half is not counting down the days.

I think that it is going to be one of the biggest adjustments I have ever had to make since being diagnosed. Every day I have moments where I think if I am going to even want it. I know that it is now here and I have brought it to work to show them and showed a few people, but when it is actually on me - will I even want it?

I guess that's the biggest question right now. It may be hard for everyone to understand just how much this is going to change my life, but I know by far that this is going to be a huge accomplishment to take on this challenge.


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