Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Package for Kayla Brown

My first order of supplies had been delivered to my house! I am glad that I successfully ordered online and that it was shipped to my house without difficulties since I had a hard time getting my pump delivered to my house. I decided to try ordering from Medtronic's website directly rather than my pharmacy for two reasons first was that they gave me a 300 dollar credit towards my first months supplies and also you receive 15% off when you order from Medtronic directly.

One problem I may find with ordering from Medtronic is that it is delivered by FedEx and if I happen to miss them I would have to travel to Kitchener since that's the nearest FedEx. But, I did discover that I can get a sticker to put in my door so that even if no one is home to sign it can be dropped off.

I have decided that even though I will be living in London in September I will still have my supplies delivered to my house unless there was an absolutely emergency. I am usually prepared unless it comes to Lantus - that's one thing I forgot a couple times - but I don't even use Lantus anymore, so I should be fine!

Among the $205.00 box of sites and the $43.00 box of reservoirs I also order a leg strap and a stomach strap. The leg strap is black and can fit anywhere on my leg to hide my pump. Beyond it's secret agent look I decided to get it in case I wear a dress. The stomach pouch is white and I decided to get it just in case I want to wear it on my stomach but not clip it to my pants. You never know!

I also ordered skin prep which cleans and helps the site stick better to the skin. However, I was just using alcohol swabs and when it was time to peel of the site it was sticking to me like glue! I was having such a hard time getting it off!

My first site has left a little bit of a pink dot which I have applied Polysporin to - to help it heal better. It isn't sensitive, but the red dot is still there. It's not like I didn't have many, many dots and bruises on my stomach before from needles!

Anyways, so far being on the pump has been a great thing and really has made my day a lot easier. Tomorrow I change my site! Two days without needles has been great!


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