Sunday, February 7, 2010

Working it!

Now that I am getting used to going out to dances/bars with diabetes it is a lot easier to figure out what I have to do and when I should do it. The whole idea of the clutch seemed impossible for me at first but I have learned ways of making it work.

The majority of the time I am the only diabetic in the room. It's a given fact that I could be in a room of 50 people and no one has any clue what I have to do on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel that way even with people that do have a clue that I am diabetic. It's hard sometimes to know that you can't have something. I shouldn't say can't because technically I can have anything I want. So maybe I should say that it's hard to know that I can have something but I have to do an order of things before I do so.

I'll admit I envy those of you who have a working pancreas. The idea of a McDonald's run at 1 a.m last night with my friends was very appealing but not really being able to just eat whatever, whenever wasn't appealing at all.

I don't feel left out but I don't feel 'normal' amongst my peers and honestly I have gotten to a point where I don't care, I just envy.

Last night we went to a ball at the school. There was a midnight buffet but it wasn't enormous, more of finger food which worked for me, because there was cheese and chicken kabobs, which have barely any carbs.

Not everything is going to be catered to you when you're diabetic. It just isn't possible but I believe that diabetics are able to work with what they're given and that is exactly what I am doing, working it!


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