Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank You!

One of the biggest topics I probably cover is support in regards to my diabetes. At times I feel like I can be super repetitive about the idea of support and how important it is. I am sure there are people out there that know just how great it feels to have people behind you.

Since this is Valentine's Day weekend and Family Day, I've decided this weekend's blogs can be dedicated to support. Maybe it will inspire you to think about those very people who have helped you along the way.

It's really hard to know who is there for you in the long run and who isn't. Whether it's someone you feel is your best friend or your very boyfriend, you never truly know their motives until something big happens in your life that may test the friendship.

For me, it was diabetes. For some people it may be something totally different and maybe no one has experienced this yet. My disease has really brought out the best in all the people around me, it's a funny statement, but everyone that I have known has shown their place in my life, even if that meant leaving.

My two best friends Michelle and Sam have been amazing support. They are so comfortable with my diabetes that I don't have to worry about testing or eating with them. They are always two steps ahead making sure that I am o.k. You can't ever know if your friend is going to be like that, and it doesn't even matter how long you've known them for. Thank you Sam and Michelle.

My boyfriend, Clinton has been the biggest support I could have ever imagined. This goes to show the whole idea of through thick and thin. Clinton is always looking for ways to make me comfortable with diabetes and he has been my crying shoulder many of times. I love you Clinton.

My parents and sister have been great support too. Although they were kind of thrown into a different lifestyle out of the blue they all adjusted quickly and now it's like I've been diabetic all my life. I am not treated any differently here and that makes me feel comfortable. Thank you Mom, Dad and Abby.

My roommates have been an outstanding help while I adjusted to living on my own with diabetes. As each week passes I am sure they learn more and more about my disease especially what it is like to go low. Thank you Julie and Olivia.

My family, aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandma/Grandpa and Nanny/Papa, have been an enormous help during my diabetes because they are always checking up on me, making sure that I am okay. It has been a wild 11 months thus far and I couldn't have done it without my enormous family team. Thank you everyone!

My fellow diabetics have now become my friends for life. These people are absolutely amazing and inspiring and I could ever ask for better supporters. They are always showing me how diabetes isn't the end of the world it's only the beginning. Thank you diabetics!

Also I want to thank all my friends and peers. For all those who take the time to read my blogs and give amazing feedback, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without all of my friends and family this would be the hardest thing in the world. Thank you!


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