Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Up to Me

On Monday I had a doctors appointment in Brantford and it was a day that I was looking forward to simply because it was my chance to ask about a pump. I hadn't been to the diabetes doctor since June and at that time I was told what my A1C was when I was in the hospital which was 13. Now however, my A1C is 6.4 which the doctor says is impressive. Your A1C (Glycated hemoglobin) is used to identify your glucose level over a longer period of time, say three months.

Since the doctor was impressed with my standings he gladly said he would recommend the pump for me (since you need a doctor to sponsor you) but there is still a great amount of training that I must do before I get the insulin pump and that can be organized through my diabetes nurse, Judy.

It was such a weird moment when I said to the doctor, "I want a pump." I have been saying that on and off for a bit but never really committed to anything until that moment. Still I can change my mind but I feel that this is a good opportunity to grow and learn.

I will not start training until at least May and still have awhile to process the idea. In the end like Chloe told me, it's up to me and only me.


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