Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not So Happy Feet

As a diabetic my feet seem to be an impossible chore. Many people may know that diabetics have to watch their feet because they are most likely to lose feeling due to not having the best blood sugars.

Before being diagnosed my feet were a prime example of what can happen when you don't look after your diabetes. Since I was unaware of my diabetes my feet suffered. My heels were cracked and my nails were thick. After starting insulin my feet began to look a little more normal and after getting a pedicure I was sure that my feet would never look so rough again.

Unfortunately being a young diabetic is a little hard because who wants to wear orthopedic shoes when you're in your teens. Not me, so $5 flip flops and bare feet were my main accessory.

This morning my right foot was swollen and walking on it was painful. My blood sugars are under control but I find that my feet are my most sensitive no matter what my blood sugar is. The good thing is that I have feeling in my feet. Although I do often have numbing feeling in my feet and my legs I know that if I wiggle my feet enough it will go away.

As mentioned earlier in a blog, both my toes are still bruised but are getting better. Right now I am just trying my best to keep my feet in healthy shape.


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