Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Game

It never really dawned on me until now that I am new to the game. Of course I knew that I was essentially new to being a diabetic but I never realized how new I truly was. I once was just an average person. I ate fast food and candy without worrying about carbs and I never once had checked my sugar before. I didn't have to stop and take a needle nor did I ever imagine people had to do that.

At this time when I was so care free there were millions of people were living with diabetes. Millions! WHO (World Health Organization) states that there are 220 million people living with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Yet, I was living life without a single worry about what I ate and when.

I am new to the game in the sense that most of the diabetics I meet have had it for years. Some practically grew up with the disease. Some went to camps and most have gathered a great circle of friends that have diabetes. Now let me say, that in the short time that I have had diabetes I have probably gained about 20 plus new diabetic friends.

Diabetes is more than just insulin injections and blood checking. It's a bond. For the diabetics that grew up as a child with diabetes their story began much sooner. Their bonds started much younger and now they have an outstanding amount of experience and friends.

From all the diabetics that I have met I am not scared to be alone with my disease. As bias as it sounds, all of the type 1 diabetics I have met thus far are absolutely amazing people. They truly look out for one another.

Like a group of hockey players, you grow as a team and you learn as a team. I can't be happier to have found my team and add more members along the way.

I may be new to the game but I am not sitting on the side lines.


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