Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Like When You Go Low

I had a pretty extreme low. Of course I was shopping when it occurred that seems to be a problem. Unfortunately I didn't have sugar on me, because I forgot to switch it over from my school bag to purse. I have learned now to just put sugar in both.

All day as Julie and I were shopping I knew that I didn't feel that great. I assumed that my 'headache' was causing my dull feeling so I ignored all signs until I was in the change room at American Eagle. When I began trying on a shirt I felt as if my whole entire body was moving extremely fast. This is a sign of a low that I am familiar with. I feel as if I have to get everything done in seconds, which leads to me getting frustrated because it's just not possible. Still wearing the shirt I checked my sugar and it was 3.9.

I quickly took the shirt off, put mine back on and walked out of the change room. It was as if I was drunk, I remember just mumbling to the employee who most likely asked me how it fit. I was looking for Julie but didn't see her and didn't want to put down my $7 shirt and leave the store. So of course I pushed myself to wait in line, pay for the t-shirt and did I mention I even gave them my discount card so that I could get points for my purchase.

My body was shaking so much that I just gave the cashier change and I said, "I'm low, sorry." I doubt she even knew what that meant, she just kind of smiled maybe thinking I meant to say I was high considering the way I was acting. Finally I saw Julie and pretty much shouted down the line to tell her I needed sugar and my sugar was low.

I could tell Julie was a little scared. She may be my roommate and live with me every single day but she hasn't really seen me that bad. She said my butt was shaking and I knew very well that it was. Also I was sweating and I just wanted to cry.

Thankfully there was a chocolate store right across the way. Full of wonderful chocolates, I may never have been able to pick if Julie hadn't suggested the enormous Reese Cup (which she also bought too.) After sitting down and eating our cups I felt much better, and Julie even told me just how much she likes when I go low (because she can get a treat too!)

It was a learning experience by far and I am glad that Julie got to see a low like that, so that she can better know the signs of a low. I am thankful for the chocolate store across from American Eagle.


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