Monday, February 8, 2010


Almost Two hundred notes later and look where I am. These simple notes that I have written seemed to have traveled the world while I sat at my desk. My notes can be accessed anywhere at anytime how amazing is that.

It's amazing how fast time can go. Next month I will have had diabetes for a year. 365 days of diabetes can you imagine? I think that although I have had diabetes for a short time it feels as if I have had it forever. I think that tells me that I was meant to live with diabetes because this disease has given me more opportunities than ever before. I have a story to tell and with this huge story called diabetes I have so many different chapters.

I am so, so thankful to all my readers who have dedicated a few minutes to read my chapters almost every single day. If no one was reading these notes I would have never been motivated to get to 200. I feel as if I now have a huge duty and that although the people that I inspire may not always let me know, I deep down inside know that I am making a difference.

I want to speak to the individual reader because although this is read by many, it's you as an individual that gives it meaning and purpose. Each note I write will mean something different to each individual. I know that a lot of my readers don't have diabetes or really know anyone with diabetes but I find it very inspiring that they are able to connect with my blogs.

In these notes I have grown, when comparing the first note with the most recent the change is enormous. I have truly shared my deep feelings publicly which I know a lot of people are not comfortable with. I must say that although I enjoy my privacy I don't feel as if what I am sharing is meant to be private. I think diabetes is a gift that was given to me, and in return I want to change lives.

Change lives, that's so cliche; however, no one can truly describe what is like to receive an email of appreciative, inspiration or admiration. To know that there was a young diabetic who felt alone and now has been inspiration because of you is absolutely the best feeling in the world. Maybe I can't reach every diabetic in the world, but helping the odd one is great.

Beyond diabetics, the readers without diabetes have given me a different outlook on how I express myself in blogs. I myself have been non-diabetic longer than I have been diabetic. It seems like an odd saying but I know more what it's like to be like the average person than a diabetic. I know what it feels like to eat a cookie dough blizzard without worrying about the carbs, I know what it's like to the gym and not have to worry about your sugar and I also know what is like to live off an all carb diet. What I didn't know was how to live life to the fullest, because eating sugar all day sounds appealing but there are so many more things in life that can be done.

I know that I always get asked a lot of questions being a diabetic and I think that a lot of people are interested in the lifestyle. I really appreciate everyone's support and can't wait until the notes break through the hundreds and into the thouasands and help more and more people out there.

I am forever thankful.


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