Monday, February 22, 2010

Because You're Diabetic...

Since I am lined up with appointments I have heard a lot of, "because you're diabetic..." It seems incredibly stressful that everything I do can effect me so much more than the average person, all because I'm diabetic.

This weekend I got a pedicure which was desperately needed. Once again she knows that I am diabetic and it seemed as if there were so many percautious. My feet are something that I have to look out for and make sure that there is enough circulation.

There really is no escape from being reminded that you're diabetic.

Today I had a dentist appointment and after making sure I was still on insulin (kind of a weird question) she insisted that I be very careful about my teeth since, well guess what? I am diabetic.

I find it pretty funny how fragile people think you are if you're living with a disease. As if the constant needles and finger pricking isn't enough to remind you that you're living with diabetes. I realize that it is their profession to remind their clients/patients what is important for them but it's just too funny to be reminded of something that you are definitely well aware of.


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