Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is just around the corner and I know that a lot of people avoid Valentine's day as a whole. However; since I do have a boyfriend Valentine's day isn't something that I am running away from or dreading.

I think that since there are a lot of occasions during the year, the importance of them has gone out the window. With all the marketing surrounded by these occasions it's hard to find meaning in something so publicized.

For me I want to make sure that the people I love know just how much I love them. Whether it be friends, family or my boyfriend, I want them to know that this has been a crazy year and that I have appreciated every single second that have put into our friendship.

Sure, according to the media Valentine's day is full of expensive chocolates and fancy dining but to me I wouldn't mind just being with my friends and family doing whatever!

So have a good Valentine's Day whether you have a date or not, just appreciate the time you get to spend with your friends or family because it's more precious than you can ever imagine.


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