Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thinking ...

Now that the walk has finished, I really feel sad in a way. I wish that the walk never ended. It seems that after being diagnosed it just fell in my lap, it gave me something to be excited about and really made me feel like I could be apart of something. Truth is, without the walk I don't think I would have been as positive and outgoing. I think that knowing there was a goal and going through the different steps, experiences and adventures to get there really made me happy.

I now spend most of my time thinking of how I can continue making a difference. It's always on my mind, different ideas and ways to help others that are living with Juvenile diabetes or even teaching people who are not affected with diabetes, the power of inspiration and dedication. I think that it's so important to chase your dreams and never give up. My goal of $1000 soon turned to a reality of $2654 ! No matter what you dream of, if you work hard you can reach it.

I have so many memories thus far and I can't wait to make many more along the way. As the days go by I meet new people, learn new things and grow as a person.


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