Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love You

It seems that with only being a supply at a daycare I would have tons of time to write everyday but as we all know life throws curve balls at everyone of us. On Friday June 12th I received a devastating call from my boyfriend about the passing of his grandpa. It was shocking news and I knew that at this time I had to be there for him and his family. It really has stuck with me, thinking how precious life truly is. You never know exactly when your last day is.

I feel like not enough of us realize the importance of living life to the fullest. I stress this so much in my notes but it seems life just keeps giving me more and more reasons to preach the fact that life goes by quickly and every moment is worth living. I realize that come old age it is harder to go above and beyond and live out your dreams but we are all so young now, why not start living today. I guess what I really want is to inspire people to enjoy what's around them.

As I was driving to Clinton's house on Friday my mind was elsewhere, I drove along the road, through the green light and a car pulled right in front of me as they turned right on a red light. It happened so fast, I swerved, I honked and avoided a collision that could have been life changing. I saw the look on the older couples face, they looked shocked, most likely wondering why they pulled out when I was clearly right there, but I think they saw my face. I was shaking and I was in tears. All I could think about was how fast life can change, that if I wasn't paying attention I could have been in a serious car accident.

I learned the importance of the words, "I love you." It's not often said to those we love and truly care about. You never know when you're going to see their face again or hold their precious hands. My diabetes has taught me a lot about love. It seems odd, but any diabetic, parent of a diabetic or friend would know exactly what I mean. As a diabetic, you're dealing with a life altering disease that does have a lot of complications if not treated properly. You learn that every relationship and friendship you have is precious because each individual person is looking out for you, wants to learn more and do more.


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