Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Things

It happens all the time, I think I know exactly what to do but then I don't. Just like I tackled buffets I knew heading to Clinton's prom, that it was going to be a tad tricky when it came to sitting down and eating supper. At my prom, last year it was buffet style, several platters of food lined up and ready for you to indulge. Once we sat down to eat we realized that this wasn't going to be buffet style, instead they sat a basket of buns on the table and slowly began to serve plate by plate as the meal progressed.

I looked a Clinton, once again finding myself unsure of how I was going to go about giving myself insulin. Clinton and I observed the situation thinking of what was the best way to go about it. We decided that we would count the carbs as we went along and then I'd give myself a shot afterwards. First I had a bun, two units, soup, 0, salad,0,chicken and a small potatoe, 1 units and one more shot to cover dessert, which I handed to Clinton and ate small chocolate coins instead. I gave myself 4 shots of insulin which is equal to cover 60 carbs and it worked out just fine, maybe even too good, (4.9)

At first I had no idea what I was going to do. The fact is that I was the most educated person about my diabetes in that hall and I knew that I had to learn from this. Clinton was such great help as he marked the number of insulin shots I would need on his bun with butter. He was making sure that I was o.k and he was even asking if I'd like for him to talk to a waiter. The point is that, I learned from this because this will happen again. Not a prom per say but possibly a wedding or function that goes along the same lines. But I've learned what does what and that no matter what I have to do what I think is best and learn from my mistakes and my successes.

My specialist doctor told me my diabetes was like a car. He told me all these different reasons why the disease relates to a car and some of them didn't make sense to me but I thought of one on my own. My diabetes is like first learning to drive a car. You get a lot of assistance in the start, but then you eventually get to go off and try it for yourself. Sometimes despite driving for months or years you run into different obstacles that test you and if it's just you in the car, you're the one that has to get through it, make a decision and move on.

It's amazing the things I've experienced in three months with diabetes. Things that I probably wouldn't have thought twice about before. The number of the events and moments that I've had to figure out just how I was going to manage is unbelievable. These little things that we do every single day or time to time seem huge to a new diabetic but we learn and move on not forgetting what we did to get through it.


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