Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Memory Never Fades

We had been waiting for so long for the day to come. We asked our friends and family, coworkers and neighbours if they could spare a few dollars, we promised we would walk rain or shine and we stuck together for three months filling in each other about the money we raised and what we should put on our t-shirts.

It seemed like only a few days ago I was sitting in the hospital bed thinking what could I do? Like it was only a couple days ago that I set up a team and asked people to help. It seems like just yesterday that Team
KK began.

My friends and family showed their true passion and commitment to me this year. In our everyday busy lives it's truly hard to really let someone know you care. It isn't until something like this happens that you really get to see what friendship is all about. At first I was amazed when five people joined, then ten, and then the final fifteen. I was overwhelmed at their dedication to Team
KK, raising $2569. To think that this could be a cure, just that extra push for the pieces to come together.

I had all different types of people walking with me. They all represent a different part of my life, and all have a special place in my heart. Each and everyone of them give me that extra bit of strength when it comes to my diabetes. Since day one each of them have been there for me and willing to lend a hand at any moment. If it wasn't for these people, this would be 100x more difficult. The walk went very well, despite the bad weather we kept a smile on our faces. We made jokes, shared memories, chatted and laughed. We all made great memories with
each other, ones that will never be forgotten over the years. These memories are so special to me. After the walk we headed to my house for food, drinks and relaxation. It was so nice to have everyone there around me to share one of the best days of my life. A day that I had been looking forward too since I was diagnosed. A special thanks to Team KK, Clinton Mackenzie, Alisha Mackenzie, Katie Annand, Glenda Annand, Lyle Edworthy, Samantha Wiedrick, Michelle Richardson, Donna Brown, Abby Brown, Laura Brown, Haley Taylor, Lisa Malenfant, Kyle Bissonnette and Justin McLaughlin. I also can't forget to thank every single person who donated to Team KK. The donations are what made our success possible. You're all so kind and I want you to know that I will never forget you and your generosity.

I realize that right now money can be tight, but knowing that we were able to raise $2569 is just unbelievable. This walk meant the world to me as I tried to say in the speech to Team
KK at my house. I bursted into tears because I truly felt like this was a day that I would never forget. Truth is, Diabetes is hard. It's a hard disease that really changes the way you go about living and the way you look at life. No matter what I will always be Kayla, the same Kayla you might have grew up with, went to school with, lived with or are best friends with. I just have grown, my heart, imagination, inspiration and passion have grown. Next year we will be bigger and stronger. It seems impossible but I know that Team KK is capable of anything. We are all strong, and have big hearts. Looking back at the pictures I smile, knowing that every single one of you were apart of this and will always be.


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