Monday, June 1, 2009

Inspire, Educate & Love

As a teenager we go through things in our lives that change the way we think, speak, and go about living. Some teenagers never truly realize how precious life is until they become adults while others learn earlier in life. We mature as we get older and we become wiser and more open minded. Some teens are simply just classified as uncaring and too self involved but it isn't until you take a deep look inside of that person and realize that most teenagers truly care.

I know that before being diagnosed I probably walked by thousands of stands outside of stores that supported diabetes, heart and stroke, cancer etc. but I defiantly know that I did not think once about the people that are affected by these diseases. I'm not mad at myself for not stopping to hand them a few dollars but in a way I wish that I allowed myself to at least think of the thousands of people at that very moment that depend on the money for research and that are fighting for a cure. A teenager by the name of Emily wrote me a message not that long ago that said, "with a lot of these causes for different diseases you never really get a feeling of how its affecting those who have it." This is so true and I'm glad that with my blogs I am giving people, especially teenagers the education that is needed to be taught about diabetes. The point is, is that you don't need to have diabetes in order to understand my writing, you simply have to be open minded and let yourself learn and expand your ideas about life itself.

I'm not a person who gives great amounts of money to charities to this day, but I do not let myself forget those people that are affected by diseases and illnesses. Yes money can bring us to a cure but support and love sure goes a long way. I am proud of my team, Team KK for raising nearly $2000 thus far for the JDRF but I am also proud of my entire team of friends and family in life that has showed me an enormous amount of love and support that has no money value what so ever.

The messages I receive from my friends, family and peers truly inspire me to keep writing because I know that I am doing what I set out to do. Inspire, educate and love every minute of it.


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